Chairman`s Message

Bcoral stands for business coral and the name is taken from nature. I actually am deeply inspired by the coral which is a marine organism which exhibit harmonious relationship and live in colonies to attain self-sufficiency. These are especially associated with the Australian coasts where they have made the ridges in the ocean and provide habitat to many of the marine species which rely on its eco-system for survival. In the same way, I believe that “the more the specialists in unison, the lesser the limitations and more the flexibility and productivity” Since the economy of Pakistan is not well connected so this state of economic affairs provided a perfect opportunity to the business coral to emerge as the leading business partner to the interested parties. I tell you how?

I started working on the golden principle of interactivity, connectivity and synergic productivity and I have succeeded well in establishing my vision by engaging all the relevant stakeholders in the export value chain which includes universities, market, industry, ministry and overseas export promoters. We have ideally attained the most suggested linkage of industry-academia to ensure mutual benefits of each through research and innovation. The back bone of this linkage is the search engine through which we provide access to universities to help centralise real market information so that any trade enquiry whether from inside Pakistan or from international interested trade partner could be properly addressed. These universities are part of bcoral’s campaign to enterprise Pakistan means to enterprise them. Then, we have PhDs and economists working as the think tanks of bcoral to provide any training to both industry and academia to produce products that meet international standards.

In the next step of export value chain, we are connecting the importers and exporters into a virtual community to help them in presenting their potential as importers or exporters with the range of products or services they offer making them independent from the restrictions in the way of ease of doing business. In the third step of export value chain, any business needs government facilitation for which our economists and other members of bcoral from different trade associations have to work with the ministry of trade and commerce as an export coordination group. In the last part of the chain, the overseas stakeholders of Bcoral doing export promotion activities work in coordination with trade officers in our model as you can see today and for them we open the market for trade opportunities through our online portal where anybody can do transactions in gross quantities. One can imagine the potential benefits of trade when your market is a member of trillion-dollar economy club and none is offering such an opportunity to connect with Pakistani market. Other models of engagement with bcoral for the export promoters whether they individuals or the associations is that we hire their specialised services.

In a nutshell, all this differentiate Bcoral from all other government bodies, associations or working groups which promote Pakistani industry.Surely, Bcoral is the most efficient business platform, consultancy firm, trading partner and export promotion agency that has all the necessary tools and collaborations to work for or work with the companies

Board of Governors


Syed Mohsin Raza

Managing Director

Ashfak Jumani

Executive Member PEMRA

Ghulam Haider

Director General Cyber Wing, MOI



Management Team



Muhammad Zahid

Manager R&D


Business Developer

Shahid Mehmood

Project Director