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The Pakistan Mercantile Service gives a wide platform to export your goods/ services nationwide and over the seas. We can help you reaching at your desired destination whether it’s private or government places and you can find us by your side whenever you have any queries. We are here to give answers, to provide single source for tools, assistance, and to spread our knowledge and teach you to expand your business on a large scale. Shortcuts to get answers to your queries

Primary Market Review

Develop your market potentials! Our industry Gurus will inspect your product/service’s potential in a targeted market with the help of their network of connections with people around the globe.


Acceptability and Rating

You must be an export-ready Pakistani company, which should be able to export goods or services to Pakistani firms.

The fee for a primary market review is XXX for small Companies, YYY for medium companies and ZZZ for large companies.

If you are curious to learn more about our services, please contact one of our private trade experts.