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Interactivity, Connectivity, Credibility, Synergy


Business coral promoting businesses and providing a sort of diverse ecosystem to small and medium level companies to go global.

Let the companies come close to each other through virtual solutions in order to prepare the ground for unlimited play.

“The more the specialists in unison; the more the flexibility and productivity”

Bcoral is an export promotion solution that connects global companies using both virtual and physical tools and means to open unlimited avenues of business activities.

  • Prospects of Bcoral!

A group of companies makes a coral to collectively execute complex projects

  • How it works?

Diversity brings them closer to one another, commonality of interests or inter-dependence keeps them united

Let’s Begin: Services Portfolio

  • Market Intelligence
  • Virtual Community
  • Marketing Services
  • Market studies and Surveys
  • Trading Platform
  • IT-Solutions
  • Collective export promotion campaigns with…
  • Exchange of business delegations between…
  • Improvises export value chains!
  • Strengthening Industry academia linkage
  • Targeted Advisory services

Business Coral is more than an export promotion agency using the virtual and physical tools and means to promote, support and to add value to the companies in the most cost effective and efficient manner. This combination of both virtual and physical aspects enables it to work with any potential partner in economic arena to generate economic benefits in a win-win situation.

Bcoral as an agency, on grounds, works with the team of experts who perform the role of economic advisors at home and in the abroad as publicity consultants, market studiers and surveyors. Bcoral also works in coordination with the foreign business associations for business networking and to materialise joint representations in trade exhibitions and the exchange of business delegations within the domains of collective export promotion campaigns, and many more on demand services are given.

Bcoral as an economic portal opens boundless avenues of trading and business activities. It is an interactive and intelligent virtual economic solution that extracts the maximum market intelligence and by making it comprehensive and centrally available to the users; it offers “one-click-solution” to the national or international trade enquiries which effectively are addressed them through an efficient feedback system. Having access to the serious global trading partners is an expensive and a time taking process and having understanding and mutual trust is even a bigger challenge for today’s business community that prevents the entrepreneurs, researchers and SMEs to think beyond boarders.

This requires regular interactivity and a firm connectivity that our credible virtual community platform permits to have direct linkage across the possible millions of global partners. It provides an interface between local and international stakeholders thereby opening the markets for everyone to establish connections with the customers and the business networks. The members and users sign up as producers, importers, exporters and or promoters who are enabled to share their web-links, update their business information, exhibit their products, services and offers, so as to engage themselves with one another into dialogue to stimulate and execute unlimited trading and economic activities.

This particular set of activities of Bcoral’s export promotion solution increases the scope of activities with the increase of users, members and stakeholders and leads to the exploitation of its real potential to improvise export value chains.

In Pakistan’s scenario, the economy is not very well connected and the business initiatives are not quite systemized whereas Bcoral provides a complete solution to expedite global reach, broader global presence or enhanced competitiveness by means of promotion, penetration or the development of brands and markets for the particular products of companies in the foreign markets. Bcoral also serves as the best platform to interlink all the sectors and the stakeholders of the economy to create healthy industry-academia linkage necessary to evolve a competent export value chain.

Ultimately, the economy becomes innovation driven economy when everybody in connectivity including the government understands its role and extends its support in the creation of a conducive environment of trust, cooperation and growth. Wonders happen in the form of growth councils when overseas Pakistani professionals assist the trade officers or the foreign experts provide targeted consultancy and trade associations promote the businesses. Transmission of the explored opportunities to the export coordination group of economists for interpretation and exploitation demands the guidance of the external reflection group of economists, private sector and the academicians to the industry and academia. Such developments improve the economic reflex of a nation to avail themselves of those global opportunities.

In brief, Bcoral’s follow up and live reporting mechanisms canvas the facilitation by government and trade officers, cooperation of chambers of commerce and other private sector organisations and the active participation of industry and academia in the centralization of information, growth of virtual connectivity and promotion of exports; these can change the dynamics of global presence, volume of exports, spectrum of economic activities, quality of products or the quality of work force–the revival of Pakistan’s economy is unavoidable.

In this regard, Bcoral has already initiated a project of the evolution of a Search engine/information hub; fully equipped with the updated economic information to project the real potential of our economy. The campaign is being launched with the slogan “Enterprising Pakistan means Enterprising yourself” under the supervision of renowned experts and in cooperation with some universities of Pakistan. In fact, we enable the universities and their students to share their ideas and market studies with our Bcoral portal which will be further tailored by our think tanks and IT experts to meet international standards and to feed our businesses. In addition, Bcoral portal will promote multiple activities of information sharing, coordination among universities, among industries and inter university and industry in collaboration with  researchers, think tanks, economists and trainers on consistent basis as the perfect opportunity to ensure strong industry and academia linkages, creation of entrepreneurial culture,  emergence of a national level virtual discussion platform for the resolution of industrial problems and the translation of the ideas into marketable product, capacity enhancement, standardization and the overhauling of economy. Bcoral’s project creates a win-win situation for all the stakeholders through its information portal that facilitates

  • The students to get the opportunity to interact with businessmen online and learn from their experience
  • Young students to learn about the emerging trends in the latest research work and then plan their own study projects
  • Both the industry and the education sector to have a proper and perpetual interaction, communication, coordination and cooperation to interpret and to understand each other’s demands
  • University to become an important hub for consultancy and knowledge sharing to the industrialists
  • Industry to ensure up scaling and commercialization of research and its products to increase their accessibility to public
  • To address the topics of demand driven research, productivity, efficiency, competitiveness, hence
  • To reduce the cost of doing business and enhance the employment opportunities for the skilled human resources
  • To have a discussion platform for presentations of business proposals, sharing of innovative ideas and mutualistic activities
  • To help invent new business models rapidly gaining the grounds all over the world
  • The Industry to call for interview and select young graduates, these to be paid by industry for their higher education but these to work on those projects that will benefit that particular industry, thus
  • To sharpen the skills of students with practical knowledge to compete with the rest of the world
  • The researchers and the developers those have done applied projects in any field (e.g insulin, interferon, solar panel etc.) to come forward and explore through the most suitable platform of Bcoral, the stakeholders to develop a small industry of his own or in a small group of young researchers who can go for one industry or develop the working relation with industrialists
  • The universities to have online exhibitions on regular basis to attract the industrialists to the scientific developments

Finally, think tanks to implement the initiatives and cultivate future sectors with the potential for Pakistan’s future exports by working with private sector organisations, academia, regional business development centres and national innovation networks regulated by HEC. Their job is to analyse the successful models and translate those according to local needs and requirements and implement these by formulating the short trainings and introducing creative programs to strengthen industry-academia linkage to increase understanding between these two. They will guide the universities and chambers of commerce and industry on sustainable basis through conferences, seminars, workshops and business clustering so as to resolve the issue of brain drain, to improve the Economic Reflex of Pakistan and achieve standardization, channelization and ultimately Internationalization

Finally, a proper presentation and representation in European markets by Bcoral completes the chain of progress and growth for Pakistan.