Pakistan Mercantile Service

The Pakistan Mercantile Service (PMS), part of the Trade Administration, provide companies a brimful range of competence in International Trade. Companies can perceive assistance locally in more than XYZ Pakistan Mercantile Service offices nationwide and in more than XYZ International offices.

Idea and Estimate – Thrive your policy, pick the premier market, and assess prospective overseas partner.

Foster and Dilate – Escalate your brand perception and market presentation. Discover and muster budding partners.

Transport Opulence – Study how these ministrations have assisted clients.

User Fees – See the Pakistan Mercantile Service user fee plan.

Ex-Im Bank

The Ex-Im BANK is the formal export lending agency of Pakistan. Ex-Im BANK’s chore is to commerce the export of Pakistan’s merchandise and assistance to International marts. Twirl export chances into actual sales.


Business Accounting

The Business accounting provides loan assurance programs to minute business exporters and to procure working capital to finance pre-and-post shipments, and strengthen their potentials of trading goods in International marts on long and fixed term basis.


Acceptability Criteria

Merchant banks and fund programs have special eligibility requirements. Commonly it consists of the nature of a business, maximum amount that generates from the business, the character of its ownership, and where the business operates. Mostly business should meet size standards, be able to pay back, and have a genuine business purpose. Even those with bad credit may qualify for startup loans. The lender will provide you a list of eligibility requirements.